SCR (SoCal Regionals)

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    I was blessed with the chance to go to EVO and LOVED every moment of it. So I told myseld, "'re going to SCR!" And to find out its in my own city!?!? Oh hell yes!

    That's right, kids! Uncle JBeezY will be competing in BBTag since that is my main game! By looking at the lineup, there is not alot of people who signed up BUT I do see SonicFox AND Punk will be competing as well....*sigh*....Thank goodness they're NOT in my pool tho ;)

    My goal is at least to make it out of pools since I was 2 matches away from doing so at EVO. If y'all can gives me your positive vibe, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    But is anybody else going ?Question mark? Would LOVE to link up with anybody from here!
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  2. I can't go, been super busy but when I saw the brackets at I saw your bracket and thought I'm definitely gonna be looking at bbtag and hoping you get out of pools and hope you win it!!!!!
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    I hope so too! Not sure if im gonna win, but making it out the bracket is what i want to accomplish. And honestly, i never heard of any of the people in mine. So far, i think thats a good thing. Thank ya kindly sir :)
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