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Breakthrough Scorpion officially inflicts pain now

Did Scorpion need to be revived from the netherrealm?

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This made me happier than almost anything else I saw, because now I will probably play Scorpion again since I can actually get people to respect him.


This patch has put a huge dent in overall zoning/keepaway. Scorpion has jumped up quite a bit with this. He was already mid-tier after being nerfed, now people will pick him up again. There will be complaints. He still has the best TP in the game. This is not good for the rest of the cast.

- Ares improved teleports
- Scorpion's damage increase
- Increased armor on multiple 'get-in' moves



Slaughter is the Best Medicine
For the amount of meter he spends, the lack of payoff before was really sad. Glad to see he can actually hurt people. He's kept his unsafe-ness, j3 nerfs and the slower teleport so I don't see any room for complaints about him.

Edit: That's j3 nerfs, not f3.


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After playing with Scorpion since the patch hit I can say he doesn't inflict pain. :(

He got a 2-3% buff at best.