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Guide Scorpion Komplete Guide (V1.0 Text Version)


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112: 6 frame high starter, -3 on block, 11 is +3 on block but note there is a frame gap between 11*2
113: 6 frame high starter, -1 on block, also suffers from a frame gap.
f113: 8 frame mid starter. 2nd hit can be ducked and full combo interrupted so only use this string in combos.
b12: 16 frame low starter, mostly used as b1~trait which is also interruptible.
212: 8 frame mid starter, safe on block, 21 is +5 on block. untechable knockdown. mixup tool, awesome oki setup tool
Note: (b1*2/21*2 whiff info http://testyourmight.com/threads/b12-21-f113-whiff-data-on-block-full-cast.35741/ )
2u3: 8 frame mid ending in a overhead, untechable knockdown, mixup tool, although safe sadly the overhead cannot be hit confirmed.
f22u3: 15 frame mid starter, mostly only used in combos after trait or MB spear
f22d3: 15 frame mid starter ending in a low, untechable knockdown

b3: 29 frame, +4 on block. much like deathstrokes, scorpions b3 alters his hitbox is such a way for it to be used as a very well spaced jumping attack counter.
f3: 31 frame overhead, +6 on block, does slighty low profile scorpion during end stages of animation.

b2: 25 frame overhead launcher. -7 on block.
3: 18 frame mid, used in some large hitbox character combos
d2: 10 frame d2 with a decent hitbox, -14 on block, used in combos as well as for AA.
d1: 8 frame mid, -1 on block +12 on hit
d3: 8 frame low, untechable knockdown, -13 on block
df1: 6 frame MK style d3, 0 on block +6 on hit
df3: 9 frame MK style d4 -9 on block +4 on hit

J1: 5 frame jumping attack, mostly used as ij1
J2: 8 frame jumping attack, mostly only used after MB spear.
J3: 8 frame attack attack, used for air to airs and in combos.
(please note all scorpions jumping attacks have poor hitboxes vs AA attacks)

scorpions trait has more than one use, it's a combo tool, it's a restand tool from juggles...and it's a uber ghetto black adam style round ender :p

you will be mostly using trait from 11~trait and b1~trait.
3~trait does work on some characters midscreen but works on all in the corner.

the other time you'll find yourself using trait is to restand a juggled airborne opponent, there are many ways to do this...b3/f3 combos, certain f22u3 combos, stage bounces and having a opponent juggled against the corner.

scorpions trait is active for 5 seconds after the burst and has a 10 second cooldown.
it can also be parried on the first burst.

Flip kick: 10 frame mid. -10 on block. great AA & gives free MB hellfire as a AA. does have some wakeup invin frames also

Leg takedown: 15 frame low, - 21 on block. has the most wakeup invin frames

Spear: 14 frame high. -35 on block, death on whiff. using MB after spear hits will leave your opponent standing for the mixup of your choice.

Telepunch: 23 frame high, +25 on hit, -49 on block. extra hit advantage can be got by using j2~telepunch however this only works midscreen. in corner you get less than +25 if u use j2~telepunch but you do get to decide what side of the screen you teleport to.
The MB version turns the telepunch into a 2 hit mid launcher, however this is still unsafe at -8 on block.
on wakeup it can be stuffed just before scorpion leaves the screen.

Hellfire: 27 frame unblockable that only hits grounded opponents. The MB version gives a 3% damage boost, a slighty airborne hitbox and OTG properties used to maximise combo damage.


112~telepunch combo ender:
Ending your combos after MB spear/trait with j2,112~telepunch/112~telepunch leaves you at +25 which gives you a free mixup.

While scorpions 2u3/2~telepunch, b2/b1, 212/21~telepunch mixups can be fuzzy guarded, you cant fuzzy all them at same time and lets not forget about ij1 so you still have to be on point to block scorpions high risk mid reward options, even a simple delayed b1 can mess up a b1/b2 fuzzy guard attempt.

OTG MB hellfire combo enders:
This gives scorpion his max damage in combos and can also be used to add extra damage to interactables and for unclashable damage.

a 1 bar & trait example would be,
11~trait~f22u3~telepunch, d2, b3, j2, 212. MB hellfire - 40%

other ways to get a OTG MB hellfire would be from doing two normal telepunches on a airborne opponent, AA flip kick, raw j3, raw MB telepunch, stage bounce, certain interactables.

Interactables that give free MB hellfire:

Getting unscaled interactables using MB spear:

Max height 212 combo enders:
The max height 212 juggle ender gives scorpion massive untechable knockdown frames and great oki options.
apart from there being enough frames to get a free OTG MB hellfire max height 212 also grants these...
dashing and doing b2 is a meaty but is also makes from -7 to -5, making b2 safe.
dashing in b1 will still reach even though it looks like it shouldn't,
and there's always the option of dash to jump in meaty air normal or dash MB telepunch to blow up multihit wakeups.

The "it's time to guess bitch!" corner vortex:
This my friends is were the cheapness of vanillia scorpions still lives...
a ambigious advantage on block 50/50 where if your opponent guesses right they still have to guess again and on top of that you have 3 options to mess with there timings and visual cues.

here's some examples on how to set it up first,
11~trait,f22u3~flipkick,112,f113~MB spear,dash,nj2 (112 trait doesnt work on full cast to reason 11~trait is inserted)
b1~trait,f22u3~flipkick,112,f113~MB spear,dash,nj2
b12~trait,f22u3~telepunch,dash,d2,113~MB spear,dash,nj2 (f113 does not give proper spacing with this combo so dont change out the 113)
b2,b2,f22u3~trait,f113~MB spear
b2,b2,112,f113~MB spear,dash,nj2
(back to corner) MB telepunch, j3, f113~MB spear,dash,nj2

after the nj2 you will then cross over jump and choose either j1,j2 or j3.

why i called this setup what is called is because using the face of a clock is a good way too explain what happening.

your opponents head is 12 o' clock.
if you choose j3, until 2 o' clock j3 will be a non-crossover even though it doesnt look like it, even when it hits you. the crossover version starts at 3 o' clock.
if non crossover version is blocked opponent is jailed into standing 1, if crossover version is blocked standing 1 will beat any 6 frame move, the 112 will beat any mb b3

if you choose j2, the non cross over to crossover happens between 12 and 1 o' clock

if you choose j1 the non crossover version goes all the way to 3 o' clock and doesnt start to be a crossover till near 4 o' clock.

in closing i hope this v1.0 text version helps anyone for wanted information on scorpion and thanks to all who read it.
v2.0 will be a video version of this text.
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sorry about posting early by mistake. stupid keyboard :/

V2.0 koming when ever i get the time


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Great stuff.

I'd love it if you posted your MU chart in here too.
was just a small write up to help anyone looking for info on the character.

sure fuck it, why not....

The Flash: 4-6
Batman: 3.5-6.5
Cyborg: 7-3
Green Arrow: 4.5-5.5
Superman: 4-6
Martian Manhunter: 4-6
Raven: 5-5
Aquaman: 3.5-6.5
Wonder Woman: 4-6
Zatanna: 6-4
Hawkgirl: 3-7 (this mu is like ares vs scorp in reverse, bend over)
Shazam: 5-5
Green Lantern: 5-5
Batgirl: 5-5 (maybe slight disadvantage scorp)
Lobo: 4-6
Joker: 6-4
Harley Quinn: 5-5
Nightwing: 4-6 (a personal hated mu for me to play so my opinion could be biased,could maybe be even if i didnt hate the annoying ding ding fucker so much)
Solomon Grundy: 5-5 (scorp might win this, not sure)
Zod: 4-6
Lex Luthor: 5-5 (scorp might win this)
Deathstroke: 5.5-4.5 (even mu at worse, i respectfully disagree with the ds forum,imo scorpion has advantage)
Ares: 7-3
Killer Frost: 4.5-5.5
Doomsday: 4.5-5.5
Sinestro: 6-4
Black Adam: 5-5
Bane: 5-5
Catwoman: 4-6