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Scorpion fatality ideas for future games

Fatality 1: impaled toasty explosion
Scorpion shoots his chain through there chest, & controls it so that the spear end continues to pierce various portions of the body until it is bloody and embedded throughout the opponent's form. Still connected to the chain, Scorpion then sets the chain on fire (setting them on fire as well) & yanks on it forcing stress upon the chains punctured throughout there body & making them explode into a bloody mess of limbs and flesh.

Fatality 2:
Scorpion takes off his mask to reveal his skull face, but instead of simply burning the victim alive, he aims and breaths fire upon the lower half of the opponent, melting their legs and lower torso into a red puddy on the ground until they look like someone buried in sand up to their stomach. Assuming the foe is still alive, Scorpion walks up and shoves one of his swords through the there head and into the ground behind, essentially pinning them there and killing them. I call this fatality melt & impale.