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Scarecrow Gear Discussion


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With how fantastic Scarecrow looks in this game, and with how vast the opportunity for customisation is in this game, I thought we could do with a place to discuss all things gear related for Scarecrow.

To start things off, my favourites so far:

Firstly, Plague Doctor Scarecrow from the WatchTower:

Another I liked from the WatchTower:

A really cool one from JaeRoar's YouTube channel:



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Well, he has the hat, so I'm fairly confident that he will have a more traditional mask as well. As for the Arkham Knight stuff, not sure what the protocol is for being able to use all of those other videogame looks. I know that WB is the parent company, but there may still be rights issues with different development studios. Those things tend to be complicated.

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I noticed in your last thread that you mentioned he doesn't have a great answer for zoning. I played against my brother last night who plays Cyborg (and mained Cyborg in INJ1) and was able to win the set. The main tools I used for dealing with the zoning was DB2 to deflect the projectiles. (works really well as a projectile shield plus builds meter. Deflect enough projectiles to force your opponent to think of an alternative) the tele. (tele into a meter burn B3, or a d3). and the jump in 3. (has a large hit box and you can convert with 123 command throw.


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I believe his best wake up option is the tele. You can also wake up with db1 but its not too viable.
Makes sense, I use Quan so it shouldn't be a big deal.

does he feel like Dalhim and Glacius combined?

he seems too good up close for a keep away footsie char haha
Teleport has 1 frame startup, no invincibility and 49 frames of Recovery. I've tried to use it in a variety of situations against high caliber zoners and some Rush Down characters. Based on the results so far I rarely use it outside of combo enders for setups.
I've been using Fear Blast. It's risky but also reasonably safe and the hit box is fairly tall, so if they try to NJ it'll usually hit them.
I spent some free time completing the multiverse missions. They're mostly fairly easy and a good way to kill time. Otherwise the game basically dumps gear on you when you compete online.
I've gotten about half a dozen epic healms, two or three tops but nothing outside of the Nightmare cape seems all that visually appealing. To me anyway