Sabin Taking #MLGDallas Suggestions for the next 24 hrs + Sunday Opportunities

Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by STORMS, Oct 23, 2012.

By STORMS on Oct 23, 2012 at 6:22 PM

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    Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez has reported just recently on twitter that for the next 24 hours only, he will be taking ideas for the upcoming Major League Gaming's Fall Championship on November 2-4. All ideas will be considered but few will be chosen as it will be Sabin's job to ensure that MLD Dallas runs as smoothly as possible.

    In addition to this, Sabin has stated there may be a Sunday opportunity for up to 5 hours of stream time for fighters. This could mean a team battle or other events.

    To send it an idea, simply tweet Sabin w/ the "#MLGDallas" hashtag.
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Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by STORMS, Oct 23, 2012.

    1. Chongo
      Allow Kratos.
    2. Spletty
      Fly me there :)
    3. K7L33THA
      Maaaaan I leave Sunday at noon, I don't wanna miss MK stuff.
    4. 16 Bit
      16 Bit
      Ok let's be serious here. We have limited time. My suggestion is a 3 vs 3 region battle. West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, South. Single eliminatin bracket. The 4 teams are randomly paired up and the winners play to determine the winner. This is hype, involves a lot of players, and can be done on time.

      EC = REO, CD Jr, Maxter
      WC = Tyrant, DJT, MIT
      MW = Perfect Legend, Dizzy, 16 Bit
      South = Pig, Showtime, Cat

      This is just what I came up with as example teams.
    5. 16 Bit
      16 Bit
      Or we could do live KTP with Tom sitting in for Slips. KTP = e sports.
    6. REO
      Team NY isn't participating unless our six guys can play. We play together as a team or not at all.
    7. GhosT

      Any way I can change my MLG ID? Or at least have my bracket name/stream name changed? Emailed MLG couple weeks ago never heard back. Suggestions?
    8. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Fly me there ^_^
    9. JagoBlakeFGC
      Allow me on as a guest commentator. :D

      Okay, maybe that's pushing it...

      As for the idea of the team battle - I think Kombat Houston could step up to the plate. Me, Cat, and Showtime to represent the south, and if not myself, I volunteer @KH Scar in my place.
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    10. Deftonesrc
      Kratos. . . would be interesting =)
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    11. Cat
      i like it
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    12. Big D
      Big D
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    13. mighty_honour_korea
      Stop splitting matches into 3 separate VOD's.

      Have all of the grand-final matches on the main stream on one of the main stages. Frankly, I think it's a little shitty that fighting games are relegated to a small corner while SC2/LoL play in front of huge audiences. A grand-final match takes up about as much time as the break in between SC2/LoL matches so no one's going to complain about a 15 minute match while they wait for CLG or DRG to set up.

      Have one match being set up while another is playing so there are not 15 minute breaks in between 3 minute matches.

      Force REO to play on a Magnavox controller.
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    14. Gengar
      16 bits region battle sounds hypeeeeeee, lets do it!!
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    15. CRUM
      I suggested more recognition for my interviews :D
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    16. Showtime
      GamerBlake90 2 sonya and a kabal, now that's cheap

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    17. JagoBlakeFGC
      Cheap?! I'll have you know that these tits were expensive! :D
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    18. MK_Al
      Make it a 2vs2 team battle, that would be awesome. I'm aware of the infinities, but maybe it doesn't have to be as serious as the mlg tourney itself.
    19. HGTV DrFlash44
      HGTV DrFlash44
      allow tom to play
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    20. Dizzy
      I fly back Sunday afternoon (flight leaves at 2pm) so i would not be able to partake in anything going on that day.
    21. rawool
      Just an idea I wanted to throw out there:

      What about 'The Ultimate Fighter' rules? Select two people to be captains (I vote Pig and PL for hype). Winner of a coin flip then decides whether to choose the first fighter or the first fight. Players are then drafted. Winners advance to an elimination round and get to choose the next fight and fighters.
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    22. Pig Of The Hut
      Pig Of The Hut

      I love this idea and 16 bit

      REO stop being hard to please man

      Reo what time is NYC leaving anyway?
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    23. Sabin
      Keep in mind this is still
      Pending approval. Thank you very much community.
    24. 16 Bit
      16 Bit

      Same here. :(

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