Russian Anime-Party Koisura w/ MK9 Tournament Results

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    Held in Chelyabinsk, a city in the South-west of Russia was a tournament just a few days ago on the 5th. Here are a few videos from the event with the Winners and Losers finals followed by the Grand Finals. Meet Japan Tuning, Tatsu and flcl of the Russian Mortal Kombat competitive scene. This community is based out of where also Mr.Riddler aka Aris is from.


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  2. Tavaski

    Tavaski Get tough, or die

    I like how they actually use the tournament mode code, we should also start doing this because most characters build meter faster than others and if those character gets the firts hit its really hard to punish them afterwards
  3. I agree, does anyone else know what that code deoes other than no first hit meter?
  4. Tavaski

    Tavaski Get tough, or die

    ^thats basically what it does, I wish it also eliminated meter gain from blocked moves. This would be perfect for johnny cage and kabal match ups
  5. Sasarix

    Sasarix "Heaven Will Fall!"

    Easiest way to get people to read or look at something is to include the words russian, anime and party. Good stuff though and I agree we should adopt the tournament mode code.
  6. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    They should show more of the Russian girls, they're awesome!
  7. Aris_adapted

    Aris_adapted Aristotle

    Some information: These were guys from other community, not from Moscow Community. But There are all at
  8. N0rdicNinja

    N0rdicNinja Digital Pro Sports
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    It also disables foreground objects (which means we would no longer need to ban the streets) and you will no longer get a the random toasty.
  9. 16 Bit

    16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws
    NetherRealm Studios

    The first hit bonus is an interesting, positive gameplay system. There is no reason to disable it so that ruins tournament mode code.
  10. Absolutely agreed. I think the most interesting and intense part about MK is the first 2 seconds of every match. Do you block? Jump out? Dash in and get a quick low poke? Go for big reward with a jump in punch? Throw out a special? Duck? Neutral jump punch? Dash block? Walk backwards? Etc?

    The first hit meter bonus is what makes the very first decision you make in every match you play one of the most important.

    If you haven't been playing Soul Calibur V you should check it out. Basically... Round 1 FIGHT - and both players start swinging with reckless abandon. I know it is early in that game's life, but the beginning of the match just doesn't feel the way it should. From the very beginning of MK9's lifespan, it was known... you need to be tactical in getting that first hit. To me, that is what makes MK9 the most exciting game to watch. I LOVE watching how different players begin their matches.
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  11. lazybird123

    lazybird123 Purple Belt in BJJ, White Belt in MK

    For those who want to disable the foreground objects without the tournament code, its 001, 001:

    HOWEVER, I tested it yesterday and it doesn't make the Street stage any better. However, the other stages are better, so it might be worth it
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