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(Rumor) New WB Fighting Game (Smash Bros's Clone) leaked


The game is called: Warner Brothers Multiversus

Confirmed characters:

Stephen Universe
Adventure Time
Harley Quinn
Wonder Woman
Rick & Morty
Tom & Jerry
Bugs Bunny

Edit by BanTheTesters: you all can sign up to get a chance to be in the play test here:
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What in the everloving shit...

"Speaking in a Giant Bomb video on Wednesday, journalist Jeff Grubb claimed to have heard that Multiversus could be a free-to-play title with future characters sold as DLC, including LeBron James."
Holy fuck what a gigantic disappointment. Luckily i quit gaming and now have no temptation to return.

the golden age is over- nrs is making kid games now


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Honestly I am extremely excited for this because of the implication that al the people that are requesting crazy characters for MK will get them if they are under WB. I don't think NRS is making it, the rumors have been mixed on this but from my understanding and if the rumors are partially correct, then NRS is working on MK12, NOT this game.


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I didn't care for Smash but I played Playstation Allstars and Brawlhalla a bit so I'll check it out. Roster seems solid so far.
Rick. Rick is unbeatable. Too smart and too prepared.
Prediction: Rick v Freakazoid is 4-6 in Freak's favor.

Portal gun mobility game is solid but doesn't offset the brutal "super-wedgie" okizeme


Also if Freakazoid isn't in this game then I'm going from "not playing this game" to "definitely not playing this game and I hate it's stupid face"

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so are they rumored to be working on 3 games? IJ3? a Marvel one? Mk12? Now a Smash Clone? i personally don't see the hype in these rumors. maybe it's my age. I get more excited when they say ....this is next...this is happening. get ready and if it's not your cup of tea then c'est lavie. sorta like when they'd announce a demo nearly a year before release and people would complain. I know i did with MKX. but once things were shown off....we got over it quickly. but...different strokes I guess.

so are they rumored to be working on 3 games? IJ3? a Marvel one? Mk12? Now a Smash Clone?
No just 3. Was reported that the Smash clone isn't a NRS project... but still only a rumour.

IJ3 - because it's next in line due to the pattern
Marvel - because Boon likes posting Marvel related stuff on Twitter
MK12 - because of the WB selling off stuff and Injustice IP makes things tricky, so another MK12 is obviously the next option.

So all possible... but nothing concrete.

i personally don't see the hype in these rumors.
100% to that. Enjoy what's out at the moment, be it MK11, Halo, SF5, Far Cry... whatever. No point in worrying about what's coming in 6-12-18 months. It'll come when in comes, you'll either be happy about it and enjoy it's... who am i kidding... we know how this is going to play out.