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RUMOR: Injustice - Ares 'God of War' and Killer Frost Renders Revealed?


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As we reported just days ago during a tenth of a second window where an image of Killer Frost appeared on the screen during NetherRealm Studios' presentation of Injustice at PAX East... we now have a render of her and Ares God of War. If the 24 character roster is indeed confirmed for Injustice and these two characters were heavily confirmed and rumored... it's a safe bet that we've met the end. It is not yet known however, if both of these characters are playable... you know how it goes... until NetherRealm Studios says so it's only speculation.

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Killer Frost looks great. Sure, render ≠ in-game model, but they're all close enough. I like how her face doesn't look like it was carved from a brick of fugly and testosterone, but still has a really unique look to it.

I also like that they've consistently managed to resist the urge to put retarded tits on the females of this game.

Ares' design is boring as shit. But that was never in question. Chant for a DLC New 52 costume for Ares.


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I love Killer Frost's appearance. Ares looks cool too, but for some reason being able to see his lips really bothers me.


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Next time Crimson gets a chance to ask NRS some ?s plz for the love of god ask them why they cant make a female face to save their lives.


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It seems to me that this was someone's way of leaking a bunch of Injustice art assets. Heads gonna roll?