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Rules of the TYM Marketplace (READ BEFORE YOU POST!)

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Tim Static


Sell, Buy, Trade...you can do it here, within our community!

Ok, there are 3 reasons you should be in this forum. You either are buying, trading, or selling.

Note: It is advised to use Paypal as method for payment, as it is fast, dependable and easy to track. Use common sense. And if you're using PayPal to pay, do not use the gift option. The reason being, if something goes wrong, you can not get your money back from paypal even if you dispute it. Gift is just that, a GIFT. Don't expect Paypal to help you. Yes, sending money as a gift does not charge any fees, but cover your ass and have the seller lose a couple cents. Gift items also can not be insured. So if you are buying a stick and it breaks in the shipping process, you are out of luck.

To sell or trade, you must be a member @ TYM for at least 6 months, AND have at least 50 posts. No Exceptions! Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban. Buyers may be new users but they are required to send payment FIRST.

Every item sold needs to be priced. No asking for offers or "make me an offer". You price it when you put the item for sale. Feel free to add "OBO" aka Or Best Offer, but a selling price must be established from the start.

Use pics to show what your selling. Do not list an item without a price. Make a price and go from there. In the thread title, specify the intentions of your thread: WTS = Want To Sell, WTB = Want To Buy, etc etc. Do not post "I want to see how much its worth" or "you make me an offer". If you don't know, put a ball park range and also say "Not sure how much its worth so if its too high, post your offers".

Do not try to sell illegal items. MP3s, movie, game downloades, etc. Game sharing is not allowed on the marketplace, nor is selling media before its street date. Examples:

  • Any porn material or paraphernalia. This includes playboy magazines, anime porn or whatever sick things you guys have.
  • Modded Consoles. This includes modchips, swap discs and all other modded stuff.
  • Burned games/movies. This is a no brainer. Nothing pirated. Period.
  • WoW accounts or the like are not allowed (this includes selling or trading WBIB accounts)
Sell or trade at your own risk! TYM doesn't accept any responsibility for any fraud or fraudulent actions made by other members. Use common sense, and trust your instincts. Members who've just signed up are less trustworthy, so be careful.

After your transaction:
Please edit your thread title and/or post to just "Sold" so I can delete it. I don't want to see people getting sad when they see a dream sale and then they bump it wanting to buy it but its already sold. If I see a thread get bumped and the OG says "Sorry, sold". You get 1 warning, if I see it a 2nd time....

If you are selling on eBay, it is acceptable here. The only thing you must do it write IN THE THREAD TITLE "ON EBAY". Some people don't have eBay accounts or don't like dealing with them so please make sure you write that in your title. You still must be eligible to sell in the Marketplace to post a link to eBay. No exceptions.

  • DO NOT make duplicate threads of the same things
  • Don't make multiple threads to sell things.
  • DO NOT Spam to get the 50 posts. We'll infract for spamming.
  • DO NOT bump your own thread for no reason unless you are price dropping at least 5%.
  • DO NOT put sold in the thread if you are not the seller.
  • DO NOT crap other peoples threads just because you don't like the item, price or person selling the item..
These are things that will get your thread closed/deleted and get you infractions towards your bannage.

Members abusing other members will be site banned, permanently. No bullshitting each other!
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