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Rooftop Day and The Pit stage

With the way so many people complain about Injustice's interactive stages and how we need a neutral stage for that game to satisfy the competitive scene, why have these two stages not been banned from tournament play for MK9?

Or has the community just quit caring about the issue?
Stage impact on character MU's should be removed from tournament play. There's no reason to not have one official tournament stage. I vote the court yard.
What we need is smarter players that know how to think on their characters strengths. sometimes you see a player really be selective on the stage select, but sometimes you see some one fumble their stage choice. like a jax selecting pit against cage thinking its in his favour.
It's been a really interesting mechanic thus far because it can show which players are more in tune with the flow of any possible match up.
It's gotta stay! You never no what corner opportunities you could be missing if you mindlessly select roof top because the numbers add up when it might not even be helpful to the players style.
I see no real reason to ban them just because they are the biggest and smallest. After u ban it there will still be a smallest stage threat


Who hired this guy, WTF?
I actually think Rooftop Day should be banned because of the smoke that covers the screen at times. (this still leaves the other rooftops)

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Cause P2 gets to pick stage so it evens out P1 advantage and when you loose you get to pick the stage also. And if there was one stage it would be Kahn's collisium