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Ronin Dojo w/BossBattleTim - stop thinking you are a fraud

A4BossBattleTim here to bring you the newest Ronin Dojo episode.
(Gameplay is SFV but this applies to ALL games, life, etc)

One of my friends is an ELITE power-lifter who recently brought to me attention something called "Impostor Syndrome" which basically creates a fear of being exposed as a fraud. It was super interesting to me and I researched it further to find many of the people in the FGC I have spoke with have this issue.

They fear accepting their success due to an irrational fear of being exposed as a fraud, a scrub, whatever and I wanted to hopefully inspire some people to put this behind them. Rank up, level up, compete, make videos, whatever it may be! Get out there and be confident in their skills!

Get in here and check this out, share and spread some positive FGC love out there!