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Ronda Rousey "I Should Have Been Wonder Woman"


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Rousey has the toughness but Carano looks like her and has that toughness as well.

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rousey all the way. Just dye her hair black, and video augment , ahemm, upstairs, and she is good to go. Toughest gal on the planet.

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To me she just isn't Wonder Woman enough.

Now Gina Carano. THAT is Wonder Woman.
Came here to say this. Rhonda looks nothing like Diana. Now THIS?

That's fucking Wonder Woman right there.

Looks like someone already posted this. Anyway....yeah, Gina even has the Diana rack, which is incredibly important.

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Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about Gal being WW. =/

I agree Gina Carano would be the perfect choice. Especially for the action sequences...


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I'm guessing Gina can't act that well though (or at least well enough to impress the producers). I mean don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her in Haywire (underrated movie) and she did alright in F&F 6 but...it's not like she was showing off those dramatic acting chops.

Not that Galdot is an Oscar winner but...she does seem like a better dramatic actress.


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Carano has the look but maybe not the actng skills. Its likely that Gadot "got" the character better in auditioning than anyone else. I'm sure she will be fine as WW
This movie doesn't require good acting because it won't be that great... but gal gadot is far more attractive than gina carano.... give me gal.


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Maybe she got a little bigheaded being the only woman in the Expendables 3. Having said that, her fucking acting résumé is the Expendables 3. As much as I dislike Carano as an actresses, she's WAY more qualified as far as MMA fighters go


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Yeah, as much as I like Gina, I've seen Haywire and... Yeah :)
That's what I'm saying. I mean they were looking for someone with the potential to star in Justice League and her own Wonder Woman stand alone movie after Superman Vs Batman and I just don't think Gina has that kind of on screen presence and range as an actress. Obviously the fight choreography would be fucking epic with Gina but...a production team, CGI, solid action director and fight choreographer can make a girlscout look like a Shaolin master. What they CAN'T do is make you look like you can act when you can't.
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