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Robo's Big Punisher


Hey guys , ive been practicing the aaHP , TP , JK into spear punisher.
Before i couldn' t make the JK into spear at all , but now i manage to get it 1 out of 3 if i cancel the JK with run. The part im not sure about is whether i should buffer and shoot the harpoon ASAP or time the harpoon (buffered nontheless) till i almost hit the ground( as late as possible).

Ofcourse i can make the boring aaHPHP instead and its still over 50% and safe but why settle with less, and basically i just want to be able to do it just cuz i want to master all basic stuff before trying reptile level kinda stuff
Anyone got some advice ? Thanks in advance , i learned so much from this community i never dreamt was possible and now im hooked on UMK just like in the good old days.