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RoboCop Optimal, Swaggy, and Practical Combos


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What's up everyone, as you can probably tell from my profile picture, I haven't really been active here in a while

I'm really enjoying RoboCop though and I made a combo guide for his first tournament Variation: OCP's Finest

Just wanted to share it here, Enjoy!



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Nice! He honestly isn't much of a combo character from what i can see so far.. But then again, this game isn't very combo friendly.

I did manage to find a 51% from midscreen using his Prime Directive variation. No KB. Working on a corner combo now.


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Can it be done on female hitboxes? I can only get it to work on males.
Yeah, definitely seems tighter on female hitboxes. I can get it to connect when the f4 is done almost point blank, but any further out and the b2 tends to whiff.


most important combo tip for this game is buffering the dash correctly. The window is insanely huge, so connect f42 b2 can become very easy just by doing a correct dash