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If you have Flamethrower: You'll want to hit-confirm all of your non-launching strings into Flamethrower to leave you at massive advantage next to your standing opponent. Even if you don't amplify the Flamethrower, you're left at +15 and close enough to jail into f3, forcing your opponent to respect your followup.

Regular Terminal Strip is an excellent kombo ender. At the end of kombos, the amplify is really only good if you need to switch sides or get more corner carry. It usually only adds about 2-3% additional damage.

Your non-launching starters are 121, f21, and f32. b3 can also work but isn't hit-confirmable. If you don't have Flamethrower, your best damage will just be confirming into Cobra or Arm Rocket. You can also confirm into your gun specials, which act similarly to Flamethrower, especially in the corner.

You will want to end your launcher kombos with either Arm Rocket for damage and full-screen knockback, Terminal Strip for damage and corner-carry, or High Auto-9 (the upward gunshot) for damage and better positioning and advantage. If you want to keep your opponent close, end with High Auto-9. If you want to send them full screen end with cannon. And if you want to carry them to the corner, end with amplified Terminal Strip.

b2 is your highest-damage whiff punisher, and is excellent for punishing whiffed throws and unsafe specials, such as Sub-Zero's slide. You can start any of these kombos with a jump-in-punch, which is highly recommended for b2, since it's a slow high starter.
  • Midscreen: b2-db1-f32-ender
  • Midscreen 1-bar: b2-db1.amp-f32~ender
  • Corner: b2-4~db1-f32~ender
f42 is your only other normal launcher:
  • Midscreen: f42-dash-f32~ender (you can sneak in a b2 after the dash for a tad more damage, but it's not consistent, especially against female hitboxes, so I don't find it to be worthwhile)
  • Corner: f42-4~db1-f32~ender
For punishing, you can use either your 8-frame 121, your 10-frame f32, or your 11-frame s4. Your punishment damage is always going to be low, so it's more about positioning than raw damage. You can use any of the enders mentioned above, though High Shot will only connect after s4. Unless you want to keep the opponent full-screen, ending with High shot is usually your best bet.

f3 is your best anti-air. You can get around 28% meterless damage using f3~db1 (high auto-9) to anti-air, and roughly 30% if you amp the db1. You can also anti-air with a naked db1 and can still usually catch the opponent with f32 to continue the kombo into your ender of choice.
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FWIW, we do have a safe-ish on block (nothing is safe from Sub slide) midscreen launcher in close S4 xx high auto.

Note: microdash as they're falling gives you a few pixels more range and thus makes the D4 more reliable. You can do B4 at the end instead, giving up the setup in order to do 30 more dmg and keep them closer (unless it hits with just the first part).
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