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Robocop / karaokelove x tym appreciation thread


bye felicia
With NRS FGC morale slipping as we enter our tradional bi-annual news lull and everybody pretends NRS hasn't made a good decision in a decade and we weren't hype as fuck just one trailer ago, I thought it would be a nice to point out that this branch of the community, specifically www.testyourmight.com hasn't been this functionally active in like a year, and I want to personally thank the new management (@RoboCop and everybody else on staff here still putting in work) for making this a forum worth checking daily again.

Here's to you!

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Robocop has been putting in work.
I know not everything smell like roses, but despite the criticism and the overreactions, he has done a lot of good and positive stuff to the site, and has also shown that he is indeed human and can grow.
Just keep doing what you are doing, you have my 10/10 aproval.