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RoboCop got a new tick throw


Ambiguous world creator
Haven't seen this come up yet, so thought it was at least worth a mention. As we know, the hotfix yesterday made Robo's 121 string safe on block (-8 to -5). Small change but welcome.

To do it, looks like NRS subtracted 5 block recovery frames (as the patch notes say), but added two general recovery frames (22 to 24). This had the side effect of dropping Robo's 121 cancel advantage by 2 frames as well. Cancel adv determines the size of the gap when you cancel one move into another.

Robo's 121 block cancel adv went from 12 to 10. His command grab has an 11 frame start-up. That means there's now a 1 frame gap if you cancel 121 into his cmd grab--which means it's now a tick throw. The cmd grab will connect if the opponent holds block after 121.

Is it a big deal? Ehh... not sure yet, but maybe not. Definitely seems like a "high risk, low reward" move for Robo. :( Because the gap is only 1 frame, the oppo can beat the throw just by releasing block (no need to duck or jump) and can attack immediately. That means a full combo punish if they read the throw.

I spent a little time in the lab messing around with it, to see if there was any good counter play. A few notes...

Flamethrower/low auto-9 mix-up. If you cancel 121 into flamethrower or low auto-9, it will usually punish someone who expected a tick throw and tried to press (might lose or trade with frame-perfect 6 or 7 frame pokes). Flamethrower on hit obviously gives you plus frames to continue pressure. But it's death on block if the opponent makes the right read. Worse, because 121~flamethrower/low shot is a 7 or 8 frame gap, you can come off block to beat the throw and still block a flamethrower/low shot in time, so you're at risk of getting full combo punished either way.​
Back dash. If you back dash right after 121, you'll create space vs. an opponent trying to fuzzy the cancel mix-up. Basically resets neutral at a better distance for Robo. But you'll get hit if the opponent does press right after the 121.​
Command grab. Alternately, you can let the 121 finish, then immediately go for another command grab, and might be able to catch someone trying to fuzzy the cancel mix-up. A player with quick reactions could probably poke you out of it though.​
Gas grenade. Canceling 121 into gas grenade (amplified cheval trap) will trade with someone who expected a tick throw and tried to press. Not great, but resets neutral, and Robo is doing more damage (and probably has more health). Unfortunately, because of the change to 121 cancel adv, close gas grenade isn't as safe as it used to be. So if the opponent blocks the grenade, someone with a quick advancing button can get a full combo punish. Everyone can also jump out and NJP full combo punish--but if you read a jump and back dash, you can get in an AA or trip guard attack.​
Flawless block. 121 is now -5 on block, which means if the opponent presses after 121, you can FLB u2 and punish them for it. This is probably the safest option since you're not making yourself highly minus if they don't press. But if they hold block or try to fuzzy the cancel, you're both back to neutral at point blank range, which isn't a great place for Robo to be.​

Anyway, that's what I've found so far. Others might be able to find other plays and counter play to make use of RoboCop's new tick throw. It's at least something new to try out.