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Robin's 212 string whiffs point blank.

Lots of characters in this game have low hurtboxes when they duck. The second hit of Robin's 212 string will whiff against the following character's at close range.

Swamp Thing
The Flash
Black Canary
Bane (goes right through his head!?!?)

212 is one of Robin's best string up close. Opponents can abuse this and very easily land a d1 into a launcher or mb b3 after ducking it. This can really screw you over so be mindful of it against these characters.

Do you guys think this should be patched out? Tell me what you guys think.


Clinch should be a command grab
It 100% shouldn't be a thing. Robin is tough enough to get a use out of as it is without any more weaknesses. At least against anyone who knows his strings.


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212 is the most inconsistent string I have ever used in any NRS game