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RL Eirokaj's Sadira Character Guide

Miss Kanzuki




Archetype: Aerial Rushdown
Combo Trait(s):Air Juggle, Double Jump

+ Has THE best aerial tools in the game
+ Has THE best Instinct Mode in the game
+ Overall have a lot of tools for both offensive and defensive strategies
+The only character as of Season One to have a double jump
+ Strong mixup options
+ High mobility

— Cons:
-Has poor ground game.
- No wake up options
- Most (if not, all) of her aerial moves are risky.
- Has a lot of trouble against rushdown characters when grounded.

Sadirais an aerial rushdown character who specializes in, as her archetype implies, aerial combat; in both offensive and defensive strategies. Sadira's true strength lies within her aerial capabilities, while her grounded counterpart is the exact opposite of that. Since her ground game is arguably weak, the only instance that a player wants to utilize her weakness into something effective is by playing grounded footsie game; mainly using her poking tools, and also reducing the risk of getting anti-air'd as well. Her main objectives during a match is to either A; play a run-away/keep-a-way Sadira, which the player must lame themselves out until their opponent makes a wrongful mistake, or B; play a rushdown-heavy Sadira, which the player must utilize her most threatening tools to further pressure the opponent (risky, but effective, if utilized properly).

Sadira's Instinct Mode is arguably the best Instinct Mode as of Season One goes. Not only does her Instinct Mode further enhances her offense game greatly, but it also enhances her weak defense game as well. For offense, Sadira can keep her opponent at bay with her Web Traps, which is definitely a go-to tool for mixups/setups, and also for the fact that after her Web Trapbeen dispatched, the player can pop in another one instantly without the use of buffering. For defense, her Instinct Mode buffs up her defensive strategies, which can not only keep her majority of her moves safe, but also so that she can keep her opponent off of her when either grounded, or in the air.

— In-depth Instinct Mode Attributes


Jump Canceling into Normal Moves: Simply by holding up while inputting her normal moves rapidly. With this specific attribute, the player is granted the option to cancel her jump into normal moves instantly without leaving the ground. She can generally mixup her normal moves to prevent getting Combo Break'd, and also for the fact that she can obtain up to 40%~70% damage as well.

Infinite Blade Demon/Recluse: Simply by inputting the Blade Demon/Recluse motion (QCF+UP/QCB+UP) while slightly pressing the up button at a consecutive manner. This attribute is unbreakable, but takes a lot of skill on executing.

Counter Breaker Whiff until Web Trap: Simply by inputting both the Counter Breaker buttons (MP+MK) and Instinct Mode activation buttons (HP+HK) simultaneously. With this attribute, the player is granted the option on making her moves safer by whiffing her Counter Breaker animation into Web Trap.


Normal Moves
st.LP — A quick jab with her blades. Mid. Decent range that can stuff most shadow moves on counter hit. A decent tool for tick throw setups as well. Can out beat Shadow Counters clean if the opponent Shadow Countered Sadira's st.LP, thus inputting another st.LP afterwards will interrupt the opponent's shadow animation completely.

cr.LP — A quick jab with her blades. Mid. Has slightly less range than it's standing counterpart. Similar to st.LP, cr.LP can stuff most shadow moves, and interrupt shadow moves after a cr.LP followup as well.

j.LP — A quick diagonal jab with her blades. High. Has decent range and can out beat other normal moves if inputted first. Decent pressure tool to start with during jump-in/neutral jumps. Normal moves that can be a followup after j.LP; j.MP or j.MK.

st.MP — An elbow attack. Mid. Far st.MP version has decent range for spacing potential.

cr.MP — A stab attack. Mid. Has decent range for poking/spacing. One of her best frame trap/pressure tools.

j.MP — A horizontal attack. High. Has decent range.

st.HP — A fierce attack. Mid. Close st.HP hitbox goes vertically, thus making the move a solid anti-air tool. Far st.HP has good reach and can be utilize for poking/spacing.

cr.HP — A fierce, diagonal attack. Mid. Has slightly less range than it's st.HP counterpart. A decent tool for anti-air and poking.

j.HP — A fierce, diagonal attack. High. Hitbox covers her whole arm. Nothing much to contribute here.

st.LK — A quick kick. Mid. Has good range for poking/spacing.

cr.LK — A quick kick. Low. Has decent range for poking.

j.LK — A knee attack. High. Not really that useful, aside from shutting down certain air-to-air normal moves (if inputted first, of course).

st.MK — A kick. Mid. Far st.MK is one of her best footsie tools for safe poking/spacing. Mainly used to hit confirm into either her Blade Demon, or Recluse.

cr.MK — A kick. Low. Has decent range for safe poking.

j.MK — A 2-hit diagonal kicks. High. One of her best jump-in tools. Definitely a starting move for Widow's Bite mix-ups/setups.

st.HK — An extended, fierce kick. Mid. Has good range for poking/spacing. Considerably slow, so use this move wisely.

cr.HK — A sweep. Low. Has good range. Can be used for Widow's Bite/Double Jump mix-ups/setups.

j.HK — A knee/kick attack. High. Has two hitboxes; one located on her knee, and the other is located on her other leg. Therefore, making this move her only reliable cross-up tool.

— Command Moves
Double Jump — As the name suggests, a double jump, which grants the user additional height. Mainly utilized for mix up potential, avoiding specific moves (notably some anti-air moves) and the like.

Widow's Drop — A downward dropkick. High. A very useful run-a-way tool. Not necessarily a move to utilize during a combo, since the opponent can actually Combo Break out of it while in the air.

Fang — A high kick. Mid. A very effective anti-air tool. Can be jump cancelled for air combos.

Throw Forward/Backward — A grab. Throw. One of your main "go-to" moves for aerial combos

Special Moves
Blade Demon — A spinning blade attack. Mid. Combo opener/linker/ender. Can be used to push yourself closer to your opponent. Can also be used for applying pressure as well. During Instinct Mode, Blade Demon is an infinite if the player exploits the jump cancel properties.

Recluse — A backflip kick. Mid. Combo opener/linker/ender. A decent anti-air tool. Hitbox covers nearly her whole body. During Instinct Mode, Recluse is an infinite if the player exploits the jump cancel properties (though, not as effective as it's Blade Demon counterpart).

Widow's Bite — A downward projectile. High. Heavy Widow's Bite is a combo opener. Your main tool for both rushdown and spacing tactics. Light Widow's Bite can be used for tick throws. Medium Widow's Bite gives the player an additional jump for mix-up potential. Heavy Widow's Bite is to lure yourself closer to your opponent (though, it's a "risk vs. reward" type of tool).

Web Cling — A web cling to a wall. One your main tools to use for getting out of dangerous situations such as being within the corner of the screen. Can be used for ambiguous mix-ups/setups after a hard knockdown. Can also be used for getting in on your opponent; it all depends on which punch button you've pressed (light = short range, medium = mid range, heavy = long range). Using Double Jump also enhances the range position as well.

— Shadow Moves
Shadow Blade Demon — A 5-hit spinning attack. Mid. Shadow Blade Demon is fast and can travel near full screen. Is projectile and low invulnerable during active frames. Can utilize manuals afterwards.

Shadow Recluse — A 5-hit backflip kick. Mid. Launches the opponent up into the air, thus aerial combos is imminent. Has upper body invulnerability during startup. Your main tool for capitalizing slightly higher damage, and also for reducing the chances of getting Combo Break'd.

Shadow Widow's Bite — A 5-hit aerial projectile move. High. On whiff, Shadow Widow's Bite will push you backwards. On hit, the move will bring you closer to your opponent, thus leads into auto doubles or manuals. On block, the move will bring you closer to your opponent, but will push you backwards, thus leaving you in a punishable state. Shadow move cannot be Combo Break'd, since it doesn't register as an opener until the 5th hit, or as a linker.


Ultra — A series of attacks. Nothing much to contribute here, except that ultra infinite is possible. Rage quits will occur.