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Strategy RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE - Grundy wakeup options


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so that unlike mk9 where wakeup invincibility was the same across the board for normal and ex wakeups injustice's are set per-move.

i dont have the somberness kind of tech of giving data to the frame but i thought i would share my testings with you guys.
DS normal's,both sword spins and both ex pistols were used to test (as he has good bit multi-hit stuff)
im well aware what wakeups to use with differ on the matchup but i just wanted to use DS as a yard stick to get this started

Grave Rot - 0 invincibility, do not try use this as a wakeup

Dead Air - some invincibility present, will go through single hit but doesnt last long enough to take any form of multi-hit

To The Grave - no wake invincibility seems to be present as even at 5 frames it can be stuffed by a single hit,although it does have extreme priority over air normals so it can still have its uses as a wakeup attack

Walking Corpse - some invincibility present, on wakeup i could take 1 extra bullet from deathstrokes ex pistols than i could just doing the move raw.WCC an option also.

Cleaver Spin - near fully invincible, although unsafe on block it can be MB to be made safe and is near fully invincible at this point with the added armor. normal cleaver can be stuffed about 2/3 through the animation by ex pistols as long as he isnt standing right next to you but it still gives well more than enough time to get your meter burn off. grants a full combo also.

Swamp Hands- MB version will eat all but the last bullet of ex pistols.normal version can be stuffed pretty handy.
(this move was the most dodgy one i came across when testing)

The Pain Chain - some invincibility present, can be MB also to add armor to make it a beast of a wakeup for your opponent to fear

so grundy has some good wakeups options going and if you really really need to get off the ground there always grave digger


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I really need to start using cleaver spin more :oops:. Wake up Walking Corpse just gets me blown up lol
ya....u always wanna use meter on wake ups.....unless they r silly and refuse to jump. Against ur avg opponent walking corpse will get them. They have to neutral jump or angle jump to get out of it....but a wcc into d2 can solve that on reaction. So if they r dumb and they think they can win the wake up game against grundy....then they r wrong. U can't really do much....wake up ex trait stops almost all 50/50's. They can do a neutral attack and maybe get the grab to wiff.....or do a mb b3 or mb f3 but thats about it....and wc will punish that. The best bet to combat grundy's wake ups is to knock him down and give up the follow up, back dash to make space and start zoning him again.