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RIP Erdem

Around 2 hours ago we got the news that Erdem passed away.
We got the news from a Turkish FGC Facebook page called 'Dayak Kulübü'

We have no info regarding to the cause of death atm. People have been giving him their consolences on FB. It's just very sad that we lost him.

Many newer SF players might not know Erdem, back the when SF4 came out he was one of the most flashy players in the scene.
This is very sad, Erdem has always been one of these players
who came up with amazing new SF tech and he has always helped me to improve my gameplay.
Erdem was an amazing player with good sportsmanship.

RIP Erdem

Üzücü bir haberimiz var bu sefer.
?oktay?z ve çok üzgünüz. Yak?n dostumuz, çok iyi bir insan olan; Türkiye FGC'nin de çok sevilen, çok de?erli arkada?lar?ndan Erdem Kahya'n?n vefat haberini alm?? bulunmaktay?z. Sevenlerinin, ailesinin ba?? sa? olsun, Allah sab?r versin. Erdem karde?imiz huzur içinde yats?n, Allah rahmet eylesin.



some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
no idea who he is, but sad news I'm sure for those that knew him. My heart goes out to his friends and family.


Erdem was a very talented player. Has been on my radar for a long time. Was one of the best SF4 players of our generation. It is sad thinking that we will never see such a great player again.
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