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Rico Suave parts ways with [RG] Revolution Gaming


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Today it seems another players is parting ways with this recent sponsor. @Rico Suave has posted on twitter stating that he is "parting ways" with [RG] Revolution Gaming. It is unknown why the sponsorship has ended, but we wish both parties the best.

Rico is best know for his recent dominate 2nd place finish in Killer Instinct at Evolution 2014. He is also a name that thunders from the East Coast where his Black Adam dominance in Injustice at "The Break Weekly" made him and infamous foe.

You can see his official tweet here:

Rico (on the left) and CD Jr (on the right) after the Killer Instinct finals at EVO 2014

Credit: @AK Pig Of The Hut via EventHubs


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"Mayo moves down the street from his house!"

But really, that's unforutnate. I hope Rico finds a good sponsor soon.
I saw an announcement on the Australian page for Shadowloo Showdown stating that Rico was going to come down unda for the tournament... Hope he can still make it!


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He has that effect on people
I always love to look on Sanford's face right when he losses. You can actually see what hes thinking
Sanford's inner thoughts are as follows : "This bitch, he thinks hes cool but he's not. I'm gonna hit this nigga...I really think, I'm gonna hit this nigga."