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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by X820, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. X820

    X820 Noob

    Well, after some time not believing and criticizing vids I saw mere because I lacked to pull it off, I now have my own vid ready 8)

    Click Here !

  2. Derek

    Derek Noob

    That's been known for awhile but good job on doing it. lawl at no push backs in the corner in MK2.
  3. ded

    ded Elder God

    great, dammit lying frames. try doing it on mk2 psx version ^^
  4. X820

    X820 Noob

    Lying frames, Uhmm.... :?

    -Dont have a PSX, simply because imho it sucks, online play isn't all that great (so I've heard) so no point in getting one..

    For now, I prefer Mortal Kombat 2 on MAME.
  5. ded

    ded Elder God

  6. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    You got it I see. :wink:
  7. X820

    X820 Noob

    Hey Scheiß 8)

    Yeah, catch ya soon!
  8. X820

    X820 Noob

  9. McShoes

    McShoes Noob

    PSX = Playstation 1, not 3.
  10. X820

    X820 Noob

    PS 1 sucks even more :lol:

    But thnx for the enlightment :wink:

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