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Review My Highborn


I have been maining HB for a while now. I have gotten better with letting go of DB2F at the right time. I love using Sai toss, I think its one of the best zoning tools, and Sai cancel is fun to reset neutral with. My main problem is whiffing issues with B231 and B14. That and sometimes I try to punish with S12D2 but press S1 too early and S2 comes out. The first two matches are against Liu and Scorp, to demonstrate good things I can do as HB. The next two videos are losing matches against Jacqui and Kung Lao. I got flawless victory'd by the Kung player. I failed to combo punish or atleast D2 KB it, and ended up panic D1ing. I have a bad habit of letting go of block during his F4 thinking he's gonna grab. All criticism is welcomed on anything I need to improve on. Anyways, here are the first two. I forgot to unhook my mic so you might hear me make funny noises. I flawless blocked a raw F4 and got excited lol I tend to mutter when I'm by myself.

And these are the losing matches