Return Aquaman's from the deep to injustice 1's

Discussion in 'Aquaman' started by riddlesinthedark, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. riddlesinthedark

    riddlesinthedark Best nothing in nowhere

    I think returning his tentacle strike/from the deep to injustice 1's is a reasonable buff for aqua man. Allows for a little more damage but not enough to get full b3 combos.
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  2. Damaja325

    Damaja325 Stylin' & Low Profilin'

    or they can just reduce the damage scaling on mb scoop or reduce the gravity on mb scoop so u can do b3 after scoop instead of d2. regardless, i don't think our boy arthur is getting buffs.
  3. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    Yeah, Aquqman's bnbs are fuckin dumb. I woulda rather them nuked the damage on mb ftd. It's not so much the low damage he does that kills me, it's that his conversions got ruined.
  4. Crusty

    Crusty Carpe Noctem

    He still got damage off it. Not to mention, gave him a meterless launcher in igau.
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  5. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

    x THTB x
    Non-launching MB FTD needs to stay.

    Change MB scoop from a side switching launcher and reduce the scaling slightly, as well as slightly reduce d2's recovery.
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  6. gitblame

    gitblame Noob

    Why would you want to do combos that requires meter anyway? Don't you need all of your meter for MB trident rushes?
  7. Yeah I would really like for those changes to happen. It hurts when I see Batman meterless hits harder then Aquaman with meter
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  8. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    Either that or properties on MB scoop need to be seriously looked at. Ability to choose which side it launches, reduced gravity, reduced scaling, stupid autocorrect inconsistencies, etc.
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  9. Crusty

    Crusty Carpe Noctem

    Asking for a follow-up change that flat out disregards (even if a little bit) the change given to him is not the way to go as it defeats the purpose of the change in the first place. Pre-patch ftd/ts was an omni-purpose tool that gave him too much damage anywhere on screen and that coupled with the rest of his toolset, it had to go.

    While it is pitiful the character hits less for one bar than some characters that hit meterlessly, it’s not a reasonable justification because almost every other character in the game hits pretty low for no bar. Most of those characters that hit respectable damage meterlessly require additional resources to even pull that off anyway so it’s not that cut and dry.

    The next best option is to alter the properties of mb scoop slightly so he can get reasonable reward off it.
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  10. THTB

    THTB #IDoMachines

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  11. Jelan

    Jelan Aquaman is dead lel
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    Beautiful, thank you for this post. :3
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  12. Indecisive

    Indecisive We'll burn you all—that is your fate!

    You do realize that INJ1 Aquaman could get a B3 from his FTD right? lol
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  13. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    They really do just need to adjust the properties of scoop. Aquaman is still pretty good, but his bnbs are janky as shit
  14. coolwhip

    coolwhip Noob

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  15. Jelan

    Jelan Aquaman is dead lel
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    Whenever you say this on reddit you are downvoted to shit because 'stfu he is fine'. I love that site :3
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  16. hkriderz

    hkriderz Lin Kuei Scum, yellow robot enthusiast

    While I wish the pre patch tentacle strike returned with damage scaling, I just want scoop combos to get a damage boost, or maybe keep the same scaling but allow for a b3 after the launch (380 for a bnb at least) and all its inconsistencies fixed.

    Also make his ftd less minus already. Maybe around -18 or so. It's obviously not the tool it once was, so why make aquaman have to struggle hard in a lot of matchups because his only decent zoning tool gets punished for free?

    If aquaman gets these two fixes, he can stop being a counterpick character and be truly viable again imo
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  17. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    Aquaman isn't bad, I just think he's straight up utility now
  18. Jelan

    Jelan Aquaman is dead lel
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    Meaning if you want to main the poor sod your pretty screwed.
  19. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Aquaman is solid he doesn't need any changes.
  20. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    We're just asking for our launcher to not have weird ass inconsistencies and do damage on par with the rest of the cast. I think most of us Aquaman players would be okay with no real buffs, just that.
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  21. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    Buffing the damage to be on par with the rest of the cast would be a buff though.

    Only change I would care for is maybe making MB Scoop launch slightly higher to help avoid the wonkiness of converting off of it or something along those lines.
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  22. Indecisive

    Indecisive We'll burn you all—that is your fate!

    Doesn't he get almost 400 damage off of scoop? Thats pretty average for a bar with a lot of the cast. Also you still get big damage with a BGB like the rest of the cast. I get the scoop combos are hard but its called practice. Also the position change never matters cause you have an ender that changes the position to where ever you want. Aquaman is meant to be a defensive character hence when they weakened his damage potential. FTD being that Minus is fine since a good portion of the cast cannot do anything about it at a lot of places on the screen. It still AA's as well. If you are getting punished for doing it then its your own fault. You also have a special that still does a great amount of chip and damage for a bar IE trident rush. I really don't see the issue. Can a mod close this thread cause its really pointless.
  23. Eldriken

    Eldriken You are NOTHING!
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    He doesn't need it.

    That + MB Trident Rush = most potato and boring gameplay ever. Now, since the nerf, we only have to suffer through MB Trident Rush.
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  24. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    Aquaman isn't doing 400 off of scoop, its usually around 320 something.
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  25. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Feel the chill of despair

    Are we really suffering through MB trident rush now though? He doesn't have near as much bar to spend as before, and Deadshot and Starfire basically do trident rush as a projectile. AM was fairly balanced Imo outside of the scoop inconsistencies, it just bites that he was nerved SO MUCH harder than Adam, Deadshot, Batman, and Catwoman who are all still wrecking shit.
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