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Request for an old ban to be reversed

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My user name was RaysGoodLiquor. I got banned years ago for dropping a "The Force Awakens" spoiler due to an inside joke between Dink and I. I argued that the rule was unclear because it was never announced or added to a sticky post, just added to a rules list by an edit, and I had now clue there was a countdown clock for saying Han Solo died. I don't know who all is on staff anymore but some of you have met me in person at Seattle locals and NWM. If not, that's fine too. Most of my content was for MK9 and most of my intention of coming back is sharing MK11 tech.

Edit: My main account had supporter status and was spelled with an apostrophe. Ray'sGoodLiquor. I think RaysGoodLiquor was an account I tried to make when I first joined but never got email verification. That makes me wonder what email I was using for my main account... hmmm

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Some people deserve second chances, release this man from his burden.

I know how shitty this stuff is still remember talking to @STORMS to lift my ban, mine happened on a very shitty day, my cousin had died and he used to be an active gamer like me, i did a lot of shit back then.
I don' think I misbehaved too much. I knew for a fact that a couple people on staff found me very disagreeable, which is why a Star Wars spoiler a few hours before the cutoff resulted in a permanent ban. I never had any beef with Storms. It was the MK9 days. The shit talking was a lot more fast and loose. The whole environment was a lot less sensitive to aggressiveness. Of the few tournament viable killing machines I still keep on my Steam friends list, they all said a lot of that has died down anyways. Thanks for the backup, Eddy. I think you and I have played in a few KotH's back in the day. I might have had you on my xbox friends list when I went by a different gamer tag.

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Spoiler for a movie that has nothing to do with games. Great. Have I already said that SW suck? Should I be banned now forhurting your feelings
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You got a 3-day ban for the spoiler and then a few days later, you got a permaban with no explanation behind it. I deleted the permaban and your other account can be used again.

However, upon using that account again, this one will no longer be available to use as duplicate accounts are not allowed. Just let me know when you're back on your original one and I'll do the rest.

Just make sure to DM me. I'm closing the thread.
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