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    I main Reptile and play a lot online, but for some reason I have a lot of trouble with Raiden. Basically what the Raiden players do is they play keep away. Once they get enough distance they start throwing projectiles, I'll jump over a couple (rather than take chip) but they will catch me in the air with a superman and leave me full screen again. Once I get close they will teleport, sometimes ill punish with elbow Dash but then I'll try to be to aggressive and they will do another wake-up superman and leave me full screen again, and whenever I try to bait out a superman they will do wake-up teleport -_-. I really need help with this match-up, How can I approach Raiden safely If they play keep away and what is the strategy for this match? Thanks
  2. If he's spamming fire balls, you can d3 elbow dash to get in. Try to bait a super man and punish it. You should always punish teleport with dash. Can't really zone him out, as he can tele on reaction
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    Don't jump the projectiles. Just block them or neutral crouch. Even if he does an ex-fireball you can neutral crouch. Be careful about sitting there neutral crouching, the Raiden player will watch for that and superman, so only let go of block as the projectule approaches. It may be possible to bait the superman and punish.

    He's -13 on a naked teleport, so punish that every single time with elbow dash. Try to bait teleports.

    Raiden can punish blocked Elbow Dash with the 121 string fairly easily for 30+%, so be careful of that. If he's too slow getting the 1212 string off he's -13, so punish with Elbow Dash(pushback probably makes it hard/impossible to punish with anything else).

    Ex-forceballs are your friend in this matchup. Be careful throwing out random normal forceballs, Raiden can teleport and punish. Your spit should be safe and should be able to trade no problem with his fireballs.

    Edit: On Raiden's wake up just block. If he supermans you get a full combo punish, if he teleports you punish with Elbow Dash. All his wake-up options are unsafe, with the exception of ex-teleport
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    If you just dash do a regular forward dash you can punish with a 321 NJP combo. You can also bait tele's on knockdown with ex fb's and elbow dash forward, causing Raiden's teleport to hit the fb. (Unless it's ex) This also deals with wake up superman.
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    EX teleport is punished with throw.
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    On wake-up?
    I can't figure out what you mean. You can be thrown out of the first part of teleport, but that's only 10 frames so it has to be a read and I'm not even sure that works on a wake-up teleport. A throw would work at the end of the teleport if Raiden just stands there or blocks, but that's not going to happen.

    Wake-up ex-teleport is probably not something that he's going to need to punish anyway
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    This is a little late, but also remember that you can elbow dash in between 33X4 and B31X2 (at the X's).
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    This offline works. Online though...
  9. THTB

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    On EX teleport, the animation is long enough to be thrown out of even on wakeup.
  10. THTB

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    Reptile is one of the few characters that doesn't have to deal with the teleport mixup after those strings.
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    I think this is 6-4 reptile wins...agree?

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  12. Gesture Required Ahead

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    I made a thread similar to this a while back.

    A few tips I got that might help:

    End with 321 x SFB and bait a wake-up , Elbow Dash 334 and B312 , punish long-range Superman with F2 x SFB , punish teleport with (122 , Throw , D4(recommended) , elbow dash)
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    I just always bait dashes and slides and punish. I try to stay full screen and backdash into fireball. This usually means they are gonna go for a dash into jip which I look for to either ex-shocker or 1~vb anti air. I try to get them in the corner to bait an ex-dash, which I teleport and full corner combo punish. Reptile doesnt usually give me issues ever so that's all I can say about that. Maybe I haven't played any really good reptiles in awhile.
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    Teleport vs EN Dash is definitely a really good thing for Raiden in this matchup.

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