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Reptile or Kano..

SHould my main be Reptile or Kano?

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I like both of em, but I dont know who to choose.
People say Im better with Reptile yet others say Im better with Kano.
But I dont know who to pick.
So I come here to ask.
Who should be my main?
Reptile. I have seen your Reptile, your good with him. Sneaky, you just gotta use that invisibility more. Not many People are good with him, and it would give you a definite edge on that fact alone.
I'm telling you to go Kano.

1. He's got good priority, that sweep kicks ass.
2. His wakeup game is pretty fun.
3. He's funny looking.
4. You can play me Kano vs Kano because I'm trying to get good wih him too, kinda like how ABC always used to put his Kabal against mine.. :D


I like both but if id have to vote id vote for Kano. Only because I like playing with the characters that aren't picked as much as the more popular ones.
Kano, if i had to choose it would be him mostly as a surprise tatic

"Wait what you picked Kano? Your going to lose idiot"