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  1. THTB

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    x THTB x
    Probably slim, as his EX slide has armor, as shown in the Sonya-Reptile GDC vid.
  2. MKF30

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    Which vid was that again?GDC now I will have to rewatch it.
  3. Luxus Nights

    Luxus Nights Beyond Good & Evil

    Is there any gameplay video showing Acid Hand in use and connect?

    Edit: starting At 3:25 you can see Acid Hand in use and connect.

    he did blast the Opp a bit away from Reptile, and beat out Noobs X ray, so it may have uses of a get off me move.
  4. Aluscardum

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    Good spot!
  5. Luxus Nights

    Luxus Nights Beyond Good & Evil

    ^Yeah I hope where able to follow up with a few of his moves after Acid Hand mid screen, I think Acid Hand may lead to big damage corner combos.
  6. NoSyMpAthy

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    Reptiles Normals and combos


    Hop Kick = F + 3


    Cold Blooded = 1, 2 , 4
    Carnivore Bash = 1, 2 , 2, 1
    Deadly Venom = 1, 2, B.1
    Just Hatched = 2, F.3
    Hybrid Blast = 2, 3 + 4

    ~Credit to

    If you Dont know how to read it then

    1 = square
    2= triangle
    4= circle
  7. rpg

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    Im looking forward to reptiles moves [BANANA][/BANANA]
  8. Luxus Nights

    Luxus Nights Beyond Good & Evil

    I had a question, is that move when he hopes on the Opp back and feeds them a Force ball, a command throw?
  9. I'm thinking thats just his regular throw (but technically everyone has a command throw since you press two buttons for it). I think this because i haven't seen any other throw. With Jax i've seen several different throws so its easy to assume one of those is a special command throw.|

    Anyone know how his xray works? i've just seen it where he teleports a short distance in front and hits the guy. No clue if it registers as a hit or a throw or what. I hope its a throw, some funny stuff can be done with that and his invisibility.
  10. MKF30

    MKF30 We do NOT Grovel-Ermac/Gonna give me an A++Kung J.
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    That Acid hand moves looks weird, ever since months ago in an old E3 video...wonder how much or how effective it'll be.
  11. Luxus Nights

    Luxus Nights Beyond Good & Evil

    there a video showing rep's "normal" throw I'll post it.
    @4;25 you see his Normal throw.

    I don't think the move where he gets on top of the Opp back and hits em with a Force Ball is a normal throw, THTB said it may be his EX ES elbow dash.
  12. Aluscardum

    Aluscardum Noob

    I remember when the SF guy did the video etching the demo he said that all the characters have two throws: one that throws them forward and one that throws tem backward. I always assumed the force ball throw was ONE of them. There will definitely be time logged in the practice mode, though; that's for sure.
  13. Luxus Nights

    Luxus Nights Beyond Good & Evil

    Hate to sound like a know it all but the thorw in the video above is used for both animation back and forward.
  14. Aluscardum

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    No worries. I was at work so couldn't check the video. I was just going from memory.
  15. Luxus Nights

    Luxus Nights Beyond Good & Evil

    Edit:^I think your right it seems like the final product its now one of his throws.

    don't know if this has been posted or not but this video shows a bit of Reptile's force balls with small combos. @1:14

    and a tag in where rep is invisible.
  16. #41
  17. Luxus Nights

    Luxus Nights Beyond Good & Evil

    its a good mid screen combo, doesn't seem that hard, im sure there will be better mid screen combos to come but that combo is nice.

    looking forward to more.
  18. SMOK3

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    In somewhat way that combo looks like his UMK3 juggle.

    Does it look easy to pull off? Hell no looks like you gotta excute that combo pretty fast
  19. anyone watch the videos on the front page that had reptile fighting kabal?

    It contained reptile doing command combos that led to forceball juggles and xrays. Reptile is looking really good!
  20. Aluscardum

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    Yeah, it was great seeing him finally win some matches...
  21. Mickael

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    AGREED. It's been far too long. I do however wish that his leg sweep was like most others and not the slow drop kick that it is now.

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