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Replays in Clarksburg WV open for anything


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Just took second at an MKXL tourney on my birthday a few days ago at this local place.


(304) 969-9057
Mon-thurs 11-9
Fri-sat 11-10
Sun 12-6

They are a respectably sized venue with an indoor video game themed grill restaurant. Tons of games to buy from any era, but they mainly make their cash on the fact that folks can come in at any time pay a buck or so and play anything in the store for an hour or so and birthday parties. They are open to setting up locals for any game whatsoever and are setup for PC, VR, current and old gen consoles and they keep their consoles updated.

I talked to them after the MKXL tourney and they said if we want to schedule weekly events there or monthly tournies they are all for it and encourage it. We got a small community up here of a few players that can show and I know southern WV near huntington/Nitro has some quality players along with PA if any of those want to setup a date at any point.

Hoping to pool interest here on anyone who may be able to show and whether it'd be for regular sets or just monthly events as we get the MKXL and Injustice stuff rolling in our local scene. That way we can figure out dates that might allow the largest pool of players.
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