REO takes UMK3; btbb99 takes MK2 at Winter Brawl 6!!

Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by Tim Static, Feb 19, 2012.

By Tim Static on Feb 19, 2012 at 8:38 PM
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    A wild & crazy weekend full of MORTAL KOMBAT has just concluded, and beyond MK9, MK's past had an amazing weekend as well. Tourneys, like always were held for UMK3 and MK2 at a BigE event, run by the KOMBAT NETWORK. Mad props to all who came, entered, played and supported not just the actual tourney but the stream as well. Now for the results!

    In UMK3 REO took 1st using, in another 1st, Noob Saitbot, who won his first ever UMK3 tourney. He took it over @AC 1984 and his Kabal. Shock came in 3rd. Twenty-five sign ups show UMK3 is still going strong, especially so in the Great NE.

    MK2 was a success as well. Great, great matches and some great, great players made for an awesome event. btbb99 took 1st again, while summoning took 2nd. Third place went to DCIguy, who also traveled all the way from Nevada to play MK2!! Awesome stuff.

    Congrats again to EVERY single person who came to the event, and supported this event. Without YOU, the players who show up, this scene, this site, this community is nothing. THANK YOU ALL!!

    Ok im done! :coffee:
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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by Tim Static, Feb 19, 2012.

    1. KH_Captain
      every since MKAK came out i've been tryin to play these games again and boy am i rusty but still hella fun. gotta have MK1 lol i love it
    2. MKB
      Quick shout out. Amazing experience and matches. Thanks to everyone on the stream who came to watch and thanks to Phil for allowing btbb99 and myself to speak on the stream.
    3. DanCock
      nice job everyone.. great weekend :)
    4. STRYKIE
      Indeed, was great fun to watch and discuss old school MK, thanks once again to Phil for making it happen.

      Here's to the future of the past!
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    5. BehindTheLight
    6. Dark_Rob
      Watching BTBB,Summoning, and DCIguy play MK2 is like watching art in motion.
      Congrats REO on winning UMK3.
    7. Aure
      rob i was trying to say whats up in the shoutbox on the spooky stream,un is haggarbuster
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    8. Juggs
      Good shit to REO for winning with Noob Saibot, funny stuff!
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    9. NinjaGrinder
      How many entrants for MK2? nice UMK3 numbers, 25?? damn

      Noob Saibot? lol what happened, Simon?
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    10. AC1984
      Simon choked... :-D. Good shit REO and Btbb for the amazing performance. Props to Shock, DCI and Summoning for top 3.

      P.S. I think that Noob being available for tournament play, eliminates the fact that Kabal is cheap and i'm good with it.

      Grinder, go play REO and you'll see exactly what happened. :)
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    11. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Thanks to everyone who showed, played, supported, and made the event as great as it was. I had had so much fun I can barely do anything besides sit motionless right now cuz im so tired. Mad props to Rin for placing top 8 at his 1st tourney ever, congratlations to REO, Simon, and Shock in UMK3, Btbb, Summoning and DCI Guy for MK2 and EVERYONE who did remotely close to well in MK9, despite placement. Thanks all for keeping the MK tourney scene live and most importantly......

      ........filled with beer :)
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    12. ChuckFiasco
      Christ...can anyone beat btbb99? Mother trucker wins EVERY MK2 event! Good job bro.
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    13. btbb99
      first off thanks again to the guys that make these tournaments happen, Phil9.95, Shock, Summoning and whoever else i'm missing, also thanks to the guys that played in the tournament, esp Dciguy who flew all the way out from Reno Nevada to hang out with me for the weekend and play and support MK2, much props goes out to you buddy... i had a blast seeing all of the mk2, umk3 and mk9 guys again. all a good group of guys.. until next time
    14. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      SO AWESOME!!

      AREZ God of War so proud of you bro! gotta get out to SJ or NEC this year to hang out bro! Good shit!

      AC1984 my brother, so proud of your weekend. very very VERY good! Keep it up! hope to see you again very soon too!

      Everyone else thank you!

      Bill, Brian, Eric, Phil, Matt, Nit, Simon, Andrew and everyone else..... Much love!
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    15. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      Noob Saibot?

      Wait a minute.

      Tim Static, I thought this character was broken as shit and banned.
    16. THTB
      Noob Saibot in MKT was banned. Noob Saibot in UMK3 Juggernaut has no specials, but the fastest walkspeed and higher health.

      Good shit guys, and awesome to hear that Noob Saibot was used to win.
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    17. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      In MKT he is broken as fuck.

      In this hack of the UMK3 arcade rom, he is fine. Isnt even Top 5, maybe as far down as #9. He has no special moves, but has 150% life, super fast walking speed and basically just a pop up combo.

      (thanks REO for the correction!)
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    18. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      Ah, thanks guys.

      Figures REO would actually use a character with twice as much health as the others. LOL.
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    19. REO
      Noob Saibot has 150% health.
    20. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      ah ok, i thought it was double. thanks
    21. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Apparently REO has decided he didn't like that and decided to change it LOL

      Who IS this freak of gaming that gets supposed low-tier characters broken-status?

      I think there were 12 for MK2. They were both very electrifying tourneys and lots of noise came from the crowd, as do all of our tournaments. Simon did his thing man,'s just that Robo-Kid behind Noob's brokeness proved too much for Kabal at the time....i said Noob was bullshit when Juggernaut hack came out lol

      This had me crackin' up. :)
    22. Juggs
      Noob is good because you really don't need specials in UMK3. Especially when you have the fastest walking speed, a pop-up combo and 50% more health than every character. All you need is good footsies and to be adept at kara/glitch jabbing and you'll do really well with Noob.
    23. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      It feels like ur playing someone using "unlimited run".

      I thought I remembered Shock saying it was like 133% but I could be mistaken. U have to do the math and compare it to normal damage% on another character w/ the exact same combo to get an exact number. I just never bothered.
    24. summoning
      had alot of fun guys , thanks to all the old school mk players as usual. Special thanks to b2b ( maybe one day ill win lol ) and dciguy for flying down from reno just to play our kung/kang matchups :)

      till next time!!

      ps arez, you and your umk3 guys were awesome, keep working on getting better, RAX is coming for you
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