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Reminder: Wireless PS3 Stock and Wireless joysticks are banned


Very cool. Taking Tim's work on the 'god like'. I ordered the 360/ps2 controller converter just because every xbox 360 controller's d-pad is broken right out of the box for any game that requires it. Thanks dude.


the bop slow mannn. @HandySavageKH - twitter
Hey Mr.Wizard is the Xbox 360 to ps3 mayflash universal adapter allowed? For people who prefer the xbox controller


I have this p3 controller pad for the ps3 that only works with the console that the usb stick is inside of.


Are these allowed? Storms/Scott, you remember the one I brought 2 weeks ago at xanadu? It feels just like a regular ps3 pad

This one right? I have one of these and I know what you mean, it never stays paired... constantly having to hook it back in usb... feels almost identical to a regular ps3 branded one, curious is it'll be allowed just for the hell of it.