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By HellblazerHawkman on Jul 25, 2018 at 12:38 PM
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    War of the Gods is on to week 6, and for the first time since things got started, Semiij isn't blowing away everyone in points. In fact, he's not even in first. Is he washed up? Is the competition getting better? Only way to find out is to check out this week's Top 8 at 8PM EST tonight.

    This week, we've got CLN Nubcakes playing EMPR Kombat in Winner's, alongside Noble Semiij against Noble Tweedy. Down in Loser's, we are looking at Method Sylverrye (the current points leader) against Buffalo, and DF Grr playing Forever King. There's a lot going down, and the only place to catch it is on (or the official Youtube channel). Catch y'all then!
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