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Recommendations for MK11 on fightstick


Looking for advice from fellow fightstick fans planning to play MK11 on stick? I'm committed to doing it (it's easier on my hands than a standard controller), but not sure about the best layout or button mods. I've been playing Inj2 successfully (I guess you could call it that), but never played a MK game on stick before.

For Inj2 I've been using a pretty standard 8-button layout:

Obviously MK11 will not have MB or trait buttons, but will use a fourth attack button and block button instead, which has me concerned. In Inj2, neither MB nor trait has to be pressed all that often (relatively speaking), so it's ok for them to be somewhat less accessible (thinking about how my hand is normally positioned, over the attack buttons). But in MK11 I'll need 4 and Block constantly.

I'm inclined to put 4 in at Trait (easy to hit with my thumb and combo with the other attack buttons), but that leaves Block in at MB, which I usually hit with my pinky finger--I'm worried it will be quite difficult to keep that engaged half the match. But if I swap 4 and Block, using 4 in combos seems like it would be more difficult.

What layout do you guys plan to use for MK11?

Button Mods
Just interested in hearing preferences here. My stick came with standard Sanwa OBSF buttons, which I don't especially care for; the tactile feel is too spongy and they're too sensitive (can make it hard to get the right number of presses). So I quickly swapped in GamerFinger key switch buttons with Razer Orange switches for 1, 2, and 3, and am much happier.

With MK11 coming, I plan to replace 4 and Block with key switch buttons as well, but I feel like I want just a little more resistance, so I'm considering Cherry MX Browns or even Blacks. Anyone have experience with either?

Thanks all!


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So I'm using just a normal-ass Obsidian and was probably going to rock the default layout. I started stick on Skullgirls, so I'm not picturing the MK buttons being an issue (if L2 is block, I might flip it with R2, but that's it)

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I play on hitbox so I mostly use the default controls.

I have had success with:

1,2, 3, throw
4, mb/blk, int, ss


1,3, throw, int
2,4, blk/mb, SS

Mostly it all comes down to preference and the fighter your playing.

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I still have my PS3 Hori RAP3 which i hope to be compatible with MK11 and had just recently bought a brand new sanwa JLF lever so it feels basically new.

But in time, maybe next year i plan to get a fighting Edge Yaiba.


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For MK, I currently go with...

int, 1, 2
block, 3, 4

I dig having my thumb on block and manually throwing feels more natural. I used to use...

1, int (throw), 2
3, block, 4

because I'm old and played a lot of MK in the arcades. Muscle memory is a bitch.


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MKX on a stick was hell, then I switched the block from R2 to R1 and for some reason that really helped. Because hitting block with your pinky will be the worst feeling on this entire planet I'm telling you I always ended up pushing the wrong buttons. I may switch the block to 3 and have 1,2,3 lined up on the top I'll see which is better.

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As someone who grew up playing MK in the arcades, I've always gone with whatever was closest to the arcade layout, because that's what I'm used to.

1 SS 2
3 BL 4

I don't really assign button for interactables or throws, I just push the buttons manually (1+2 for INT and 1+3 for throws)