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Question Really good GL xbl player

Clark L.

F1 ftw.
Not that anyone cares, but I'll be going to my first "major" since last year and would like to do better than this...

I was sent to losers by Green Lantern, and eliminated by Green lantern. He's my personal Kryptonite.... so if anyone wants to help/grind this out in the BA GL match up or just have any good advice for me, I'd be more than grateful.


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Too bad Orochi only plays KI now or I'd tell you to give him a shot. His Green Lantern is insane.


Green Lantern Corps.
Actually him and I are already friends, we were playing usf4 though. Thanks
Hey man I should be on quite a bit with the upcoming VS tournament in the UK and will want to get as many MU's down as possible before then so we can grind it out as much as you like. I will drop you a message tomorrow man.

Also thanks @fr stack for the props!