Real Life Mortal Kombat

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    It would either suck or be really cool if this ever actually happened to you. I guess it would all depend on if you picked the right weapon? Anyway, here is a video of a human battling Mortal Kombat characters one by one on the streets... just how does he do? Well, Kahn's laughing but for how long?


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  2. CYracks

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    This happens to me when I drop acid.
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  3. LesMore

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    the video was more like a DMT trip...
  4. BookBurning

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    It's crazy because Intellergence is only mid-tier. Who ever is playing as him is really good.
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  5. Under_The_Mayo

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    Thought this was gonna be lame. I got into it. I approve. I do a lot of video editing and it looks like this must have been a lot of fun to create. The scripting of how the action will go would be really entertaining to imagine (i hope they scripted it and not just animated to an improved take!!!) .
  6. this video is so........boring......
  7. MODS! He side-stepped Kahns hammer. ILLEGAL. But seriously, it was pretty cool. And I agree with Mayo about the scripting
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  8. Durpity Durp

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    that was awesome
  9. Sand-man

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    inviato dal mio Sony Ericsson Xperia play utilizzando tapatalk
  10. dat after effects

    awesome lol

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