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RE: Kabals aaSpin

If you connect an aa Spin to a jumping opponent, and do the standard aaHP, HP, JK, AFB you get 42% I believe. However, if you stand under the opponent, and as soon as they drop from the spin do the same combo, will it do more damage? That may sound silly, but occasionally I've seen over 56% damage with it when I wait for them to fall..

Is this some sorta OTG stuff? Maybe I'm just confusing it with a similar combo that does more damage on a specific situation?

Waiting for the spin to end turns damage protection back off. So, if you JK, Spin, then wait until they start falling out of the spin, aahphp, jk, Fireball, that does 50-somthing percent (I can't recall exactly how much).

Go to the Character Guide for Kabal, you can see some examples in the video at the end of the page


JK, dp(spin, aaHPHP, JK, AFB) 36%, and even the spin does a pixel in there. The part after the JK only does about 21%, if you let them drop and do an uppercut it's 37%

If you let them drop for some reason the DP deactivates and then do the normal combo for 59%.