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Question Raven's Vortex


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I've heard a lot about Raven's oki vortex but am still not 100% on a few things. I know it involves a j3 on knockdown but I have also heard it is better off of certain combo enders. So do you all find there is a certain combo ender that it works best off of, or is there something else I am missing entirely?


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It's really weird to explain but yeah it depends on how you end it because the lift has to space them perfectly for it be ambiguous. For some starters it seems impssible to get the set up, but off f222~ lift, d1~lift, or raw lift the 2 combos I use for the set up are (after the mb lift) b3, j2 d1 lift or j3 1 lift. Off of a j3 I do d1 mb lift, b3, j2, 2~lift.


End a combo with normal~lift and use the huge frame advantage and hard knockdown for an ambiguous jump-in and then loop the combo. That is literally it.

Things which affect cross-up: choice of combo, normal used to cancel into lift at the end, ji2 or ji3, timing of jump-in.

edit: "standard" enders were/are d1~lift, 2~lift, f2~lift. However, you need to learn which ones work best with your BNB combos so the gravity/knockback scaling leaves the opponent in the correct position.