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Rappers vs Gamers

The Abbot

Unit LK-52O
yeah... who are these people... are we supposed to know them? (besides the FGC guys?)
MURS and Planet Asia are underground hip hop artists for the most part and I don't really know the rest. I've heard of Futuristic, Mike G and Trinidad but have never heard their music.

I'm sure they all have their own following and it's cool that they're even doing this.

Murs for example is training for this on his twitch channel Twitch.tv/murs

Sutter Pain

Your mothers main.
Hahaha that's hilarious. Yea all the stuff he does with 9th recently is mostly on that tip.

But on the real Murs is one of the best dudes out there.
Yup i was gonna say all the 9th stuff is all about them love tracks. Murs is so dope live though so crazy on stage it is a blast to watch him try to kick himself in the head lol.


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
wasn't their a nerd scandal lie a while ago of diago getting beat by a rapper or something>?