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Match Footage - Hat Trick Ranked matches 21/01/2018

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist

Fair warning: I'm definitely rusted, that's because i don't play this game as competitive as i used to play, i hardly put this disc on the console to be honest so don't take this video to judge my skill if you haven't seen my previous videos during MKXL prime time.

Fair Warning 2: Be aware that there is an amount of B21 strings punishing coming out of crouch that magically turned into B1~hat trap, that's because NRS never fixed this input lenience before Injustice 2 where they actually refined this stuff thanks to te community making their voice heard very strongly even among very well known players such as Tom Brady, so take those punishes with a grain of salt even if input shortcuts and all the bullshits are turned off.

Also, these are just me having some fun while i wait for the internet upgrade we're supposed to get in the future.

Enjoy this rusted hat trick.