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Randomly appearing new Mortal Kombat X gameplay videos by GhostRobo

Want some more Mortal Kombat X gameplay to wet your palette? The folks over at "GhostRobo" and "swiftor" YouTube channels have uploaded multiple videos of some awesome gameplay. Granted, they do not have access to some of the latest revealed characters, but nevertheless, who's gonna complain about that? Check it out!

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they go to the movelist pretty often, you can see Sub Zeros iceburst is universal and kotals parry is not (its not there in war god). also Sub has frost hammer and air frost hammer in cryomancer


I thought it was the full game until I saw the character select screen.

Thanks for the videos, OP, but I'm not gonna bother watching them since it's not even the final product.

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I actually saw these videos and was going to post them but I figured that someone had already posted them. Its mash heavy but I did like seeing the movelists.


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That purple portal in the Refugee Kampo stage is so pretty -- really happy to see the vibrant colors of MK come back.
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I guess the youtubers who got invited to Chicago to play are finally uploading their vids on youtube. nice


Thats why they call this thing bloodsport, kid.
I am so sick of seeing that build with just johnny cage. The character select screen with so many holes just irks me.


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Okay so Reptile's second stink cloud in Noxious goes away if you get hit, I was wondering how they'd balance that ridiculous DoT.


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The attention to detail in this game is outstanding. A lot of the videos I've seen don't really show off the graphics as well as I feel they should, but these (especially the second one) are an awesome exception. Like the Kove stage with the moving boards and water pools on them, the veins in Sub-Zero's arms, D'Vorah's..... carapace....

Ugh, I need this game NOW.