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he will get more hype, well deserved hype, once the kombat khast for him come out ...... people wil figure out his gameplay will be fun and cool, hehe !
I'm definitely going to play him on release but my expectations are low. I'm predicting a zoning variation with the bow and or guns, a trap/set up variation and my personal preference a rush down/brawler variation with that big ass knife, a safe overhead and a 9 frame mid, haha. I hope he's quick and agile, both Term and Roboflop feel too clunky and slow.


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I'm stoked for Rambo. He's like the exact character you never knew you wanted but now can't imagine not being a MK guest. His dialogue is going to be epic. His brutalities will be spectacular. He'll be zany and fun and automatically have an edge because he'll trigger all the MK fanboys who hate guests. What's not to love?

As for his move set, there's no reason to expect him to be stiff and clunky like Robocop and Terminator (that wouldn't make any sense), and I honestly don't expect him to be a hardcore zoner either. In terms of MK11 similarities, my guess is that we'll see a blend of Nightwolf, Kano, Sonya, and Erron Black.

Good walking speed and decent dashes. His buttons will feel like a brawler: Quick, forceful hits with an unrefined style, looking to disable his opponent, heavily featuring his knife. Probably no long-range single buttons, but good advancing strings. I don't think he'll be a grappler per se, but I expect at least one true throw string (like NW's s22,1+3) and a command grab that might be a launcher.

He'll have his bow of course. I'd bet on some kind of explosive arrows, probably with slow start-up but fast recovery (think Raiden's lightning bolt), hopefully with the ability to delay or cancel his shot. Won't really zone with it, but will help him with mind games and controlling movement.

He'll have a machine gun too of course, and I'd bet on a MG stance, maybe with a shot count like EB. It'll have a full-auto move, naturally, but I wouldn't be surprised if it arcs up (like Spawn's AA gun) or has a long cooldown/reload, so he can't spam with it. Different ability slots will probably change what his MG stance can do (low shots, faster cancels, etc).

As far as other ability slots, I'd expect see some traps for sure, like EB's beast trap (though hopefully more practical). He might have a mult-hit combo ender special like Sonya's ass whooping. And I wouldn't be surprised to see some version of Sonya's melee parries: fast start-up (to interrupt gaps) but can't be held.

Looking forward to seeing his game play!


I see a kung jin type with the bow. Could bet on it hopefully more like green arrow injustice style cuz Jin was zero fun but green arrow was so fun!!


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Please don't just be Nightwolf with a gun. I really hope he has traps all over the place
At first, I was worried about the similarities with Nightwolf. But NRS is usually really good at making guest characters unique. I just hope he has the mobility and speed that Nightwolf has. I am going to be pretty upset if he plays like a big body character.
Agreed...the man is 5'10" (according to Google) so I'm hoping they keep him agile. Hoping for Kanos mobility but also a character that is actually finished and his main strings don't whiff on half the cast.


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Wish List

  • Commando Kano parrys
  • 50/50 rushdown with Knife like cutthroat
  • fast moves
  • Bow variation with explosive arrow
  • Heavy machine guns Variation with bazooka
  • INSANE brutal or Fatality sing tanks and Apaches
  • Low comand Grab
  • OP wake up move
  • At least TOP 3 in tier List
  • Epic Ending
  • amazing intros and outros
  • nice skins and stuff related
  • Good Meterless damage
  • maybe some bombs ?
  • Throw Knifes
  • Berzerker Mode
  • neck breaker command (Mid) grab
  • REALLY OP TO PUT EVRY OTHER CHAR CRY OUT LOUD (hope Woke buddys in NRS dosent make Rambo bad cus "toxic masculinity from Boomer char")


So surely his storyline will be that Kronika has kidnapped Colonel Trautman after he volunteered for a mission (again) and Rambo has to leave his peaceful existence of twice a week fighting stick bouts to rescue him.
Trautman can't keep his ass at Fort Bragg it seems. :p

Kronika will tempt Rambo with something...what shall it be...?


Hmmm...well he's gotta use guns somehow. Probably toned down like Spawn....and then over the top with guns in fatal blow like Spawn.

But he'll use a command grab...maybe they will again stray from the down back forward motion. And we'll see how his traps are different from existing ones...or if they are allowed in ranked heh.

Also I think they should make this one of his outros...



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Lets see if they gonna put 1 graplling move or 2 , and pray to get some commando kano parrys tooo
RAMBO has a HUGE POTENCIAL to be TOP 3 easy if not the best char in the Game ...

LIU KANG : i thought i was the chosen one
RAMBO : i never asked for this


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I really hope he leans into the traps and commando grabs to be a set-play monster. Very excited to see them soft-peddle the guns in his bio, hoping that M60 only comes out for a big FB or Finisher (where it belongs).

Lets see if they gonna put 1 graplling move or 2 , and pray to get some commando kano parrys tooo
RAMBO has a HUGE POTENCIAL to be TOP 3 easy if not the best char in the Game ...

LIU KANG : i thought i was the chosen one
RAMBO : i never asked for this
Love the energy, but don't get too carried away! We haven't even seen what he can do, no way to predict if he'll be top 3, mid tier, or trash!