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RAMBO BUFFS ( wish list)

Wish list buffs for rambo :

1.) 12 into snare trap
2.) 22 into snare trap
3.) F21 info snare trap
4.) remove the gap from f2 1
5.) Make knife ,strike from leopard crawl, +20 or more so that once you exit out of the stance you'll be +4 or better. Currently its -16 to knife on hit and exit the stance. Anyone can punish from the corner
8.) Fix b1 wiffing
9.) Back 33 or b122 becoming -6 (just one) 10.) Remove f12 flawless block
11.)f12 into snare trap (not sure if you can do currently. Ignore if so)
12.) Make forward roll -8, and make it jail into strings. (Currently you can punish him everytime; doesn't matter if you ex or not)
14.) Adjust artillery strike hitbox(currently has a very wonky hit box)

Let me know if you agree or disagree (also I've never really posted here before so not sure how this stuff works)


Commando string (B3,1+3) you should be able to amplify to put opponent in a stunned state, but reduce the damage a bit to balance.