Guide Rain's BNB's, resets into mix-ups, and mind games.

Discussion in 'Rain' started by Fatality XBL, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Fatality XBL

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    So all of the situational combos for Rain and BNB's can be discussed and listed here:

    Normal(s) into Lightning (punish):
    (JPS) 4 3 xx lightning, fast full dash, uppercut, dash (the opposite way), 4 3 xx bubble (EX if you don't want the opponent to breaker), 1, 4 3 xx EX water spout

    4 3 xx lightning, fast full dash, uppercut, dash, 4 3 xx bubble, 1, 4 3 xx teleport >>> into grab/ into B+2 1+2, B+2 3 mix-up/ into 4 3 RH cancel traps/ sweep or other mixups.

    Combo into bubble
    (JPS) B+2 1+2, B+2 1+2, 4 3 xx bubble, 4 3 xx lightning, RH, 4 3 xx EX water spout

    More to add.
  2. xZEPPELIx

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  3. Spez_80

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    Crossup with teleport. Do any combo that uses DB4 (Super Kick) 4,3, teleport, dash 3, DB4. FK is very fast and will stop a lot of attacks plus the opponent has to do deal with a turn around wake up to break it. Note the dash is from other side of opponent after tele and 3 wont hit all the time without a dash. If someone does more test please inform us of results, thanks.
  4. BookBurning

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    This is just another way to open up a setup for a damage reset, but doing it too much is going to make you predictable and should be used with reservation honestly.
  5. Spez_80

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    Ya, I have to agree after trying it more against better players. Honestly, the super kick never hits so its better to set up for cancel/throw if anything.
  6. Marcus

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    Yup! Better to set it up for a cancel or throw but It wouldn't hurt to surprise your opponent with that one. Sounds like a good "surprise" offense.

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