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Discussion in 'Rain' started by Aboolayla, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Aboolayla

    Aboolayla Come At Me Bro

    this is been happening to me so much that I actually stopped went right to training and tried seeing how bad this really was. some might know or not that if you press d+3 and forward you instantly send out a water bubble:huh:. I constantly use his d+3 or d+1 to keep up some pressure and poke after a combo but in mid combo i poke and send out a waterball. Am I doing something wrong or is NE just THAT bad for rain. Even in mid 4,3 i suddenly use a geyser kick instead of his Roundhouse. I just feel NE is affecting rain alot worse than other characters because i have never had such problems with anyone.
  2. shinzo123

    shinzo123 Noob

    Yea it is that bad, just use d1, also abuse the d4 dash 33 trap as well.
  3. It's pretty bad. Just use it to your advantage during combos. and you will learn to control it over time. His teleport used to come out all the time during a 43 Bubble or any other combo. Now it never does.
  4. spin4u

    spin4u Noob

    First of all, his down +3 is a horrible poke. dont use it at all. It has no range and does no damage. Like they said, use d+4 or d+1.
  5. Lainy

    Lainy Noob

    I agree but that is no excuse for how terrible NE is, even "toned down"
  6. Aboolayla

    Aboolayla Come At Me Bro

    Idk honestly lately i have been using d+3 for some reason and got used to it. Its weird for jax i use d+1 constantly but i dont for anyone else. But really im just sayin that he needs a bit of a fix maybe. Maybe in the upcoming patch they can fix this and make 33 hit low than hed be complete
  7. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    d3 is some massive crap

    use d1
  8. Subby

    Subby Frost Warrior

    Whats so bad about d4? I like it for its range.
  9. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    i never said one thing about d4 - actually i want to try using it more. Im posting my thoughts on rain, pros/cons w some video matches later today

    I do it only to get critique, show what NOT to do (lol) and what to do, also discuss some pointers w him.

    Ive said before and Ill say it again - I F-ing hate that I love to use rain. Like i really hate rain but cant stop playing w him.

    Mileena never will be unseated though as my main
  10. spin4u

    spin4u Noob


    Well Shinzo said the D+4 is a frame trap to dash in 33. IF thats like Cyrax's D+4 which gets a free 1,1/1,2 on a standing opponent.
    what I hate is that his 3,3 does not hit Low~High like Kenshi's or Kanos. I hope they make that into a low/high combo because the s.3 comes out fast but has no range.
  11. Aboolayla

    Aboolayla Come At Me Bro

    Man ino hed be such a better character with that small tweak. Hed have a very fast low to start combos and an overhead if your lucky i also hope EH roundhouse might have a better window cancel so its reliable

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