Raiden Watchtower Replay Feat. Black Lightning

Discussion in 'Raiden' started by STORMS, Sep 29, 2017.

By STORMS on Sep 29, 2017 at 9:47 PM

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    Today was the day we got more formally introduced to the Thunder God, Raiden. @16 Bit once again did a phenomenal job on showcasing Raiden. From his normals, specials, playstyle and even showing off some different gear... PLUS, we got a date of official release! Raiden will become available this coming Tuesday for Ultimate holders and Friday for everyone else! Check out a clip from the Watch Tower below!

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First off, Welcome to TestYourMight! My main objective nowadays is to keep you as updated as I possibly can in regards to NetherRealm Studios news, especially dealing with Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

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Discussion in 'Raiden' started by STORMS, Sep 29, 2017.

    1. KingKhrystopher
      Most hype character for me since Starfire. Might buy the Ultimate Edition for the 3rd, but I'm not sure since the Fighter Pack 2 only has Raiden in it that I like.
    2. neveradestroyer
      Lol... Now they can give Raiden to the PS4 peasants ( The majority of the player base at last)... The surprise factor was lost 4 days ago. LMAO
    3. Jaku2011
      So weird since I've been playing this character for several days now
    4. Brain-main
      Disappointed that the static traps are gear only :(
    5. Humongousfungus!
      So everything's a gear move? Next.
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    6. MKF30
      I like that they addressed and apologized to the fans, and have a patch that'll fix the problem. Thanks NRS, appreciate it. Raiden also looks sweet, totally maining him. His teleport will change the way zoners think, I can see him being high risk/high reward if you guess wrong he'll make you pay lol. Kind of wish his air port was a regular move not gear but hey, he's got a good normal teleport so I can't complain!

      I love how his lightning ball is cancellable like MK vs DC, that will prove useful. Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop is funny lol
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    7. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Great news indeed regarding the fix.

      Raiden looks awesome, not 100% sure if I'm gonna main him but he does look dope.
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    8. EntropicByDesign
      He has some of the best sound effects in the game Imo. Loved that about him since the AMAZING sound design of MKx, but he's not my cup of tea really. I'll still be excited to get my hands on him Tuesday and mess about a bit though, and I'd love to see him turn out quite strong.

      Fingers crossed for you Raiden mains!
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    9. The Hex Man
      The Hex Man
      This is off topic af but were you the one in the YouTube comments dishing out raiden lore. When someone thought black adam could beat raiden.Guy had the same name. I know this questions is super random lol
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    10. MKF30
      I was one of them lol if it's the comment where the guy said Black Adam can kill Raiden and the Elder Gods etc lowballing MK, yeah that would be me lol. Yet Batman has beaten Black Adam lol I love both MK and DC, but a lot of comic fans tend to not be familiar with vid game characters I've noticed. Like one dude got so pissed at MVC I when Ryu helped Hulk lol he was like "ok when is Ryu freaking Superman how can he punch a monster" but he knew nothing about SF lol. It was Kind of funny. But yes, I'm a bit of a BIG MK and DC geek I admit lol :D
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