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Raiden "Shock Therapy" Tech with Kompetitor and Shujinkydink


Confused Thanagarian
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This is it. Raiden might finally have some dirt that takes him from Bottom 5 to Top 2. Finally, after months of being ragged on and treated like garbage, the Defender of Earthrealm may finally get his moment to shine. It is all within this thread, brought to you by STB Kompetitor and STB Shujinkydink.

GOTCHA! Clickbaited. So while this probably isn't going to be the next major innovation for the Injustice 2 meta, it might provide something interesting to mix into your corner game. As I'm understanding the video, it's basically just a way for Raiden to wind up SUPER plus in the corner, thus letting him continue his pressure for free, without trait. Check it out yourself down below from Shujinkydink's Youtube, see if it can help you out at all.


Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.
Broken character. Ridiculous damage, corner carry, extremely fast teleport, 6 frame jab... Now this?

How long till NRS finally nerfs this dumb ass character?


Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.
I did see someone comment that you can delay WU it. So while handy, probably not game breaking
I am working off memory here but I think he said you can do that but then regular version of it (Don't remember notations or name) and you're plus...? Don't remember for sure though