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Injustice 2 ranked with Raiden and one match Starfire. The opponent plays Black Adam and Joker. These two are both high level players, making an amazing ranked set.


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Merged threads. You don't get a thread for every ranked set you upload. Upload them all in one thread


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Post your online or offline matches here, as well as any good matches by other players. The point is to share knowledge so we can all become better players. Tournament match videos would also go here eventually. Another good thing about this is anytime anyone wants to check out some good Raiden matches, they can go to this one centralized thread instead of digging around the forum.

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We need to keep this topic up to date, it's very important watch other players

REO [Raiden] vs [Batman] SylverEye

REO [Raiden] vs [Flash] Zyphox

Raptor [Raiden] vs various

Mustard [Raiden] vs [WoWo] Braindead

Mustard [Raiden] vs [Atom] DizzyTT