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Raiden Match Footage


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Let's put all the match footage here? Any and all useful information is appreciated :)

(Not a tournament player I think but his Raiden is decent enough and he has tips for beginners too)

(Honeybee as Scorpion vs Brem as Raiden)

(Honeybee as Frost vs PatientImpuulse as Raiden)


Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning
Honeybee as Joaquin vs Patient Impulse as Raiden

PI seems to end in teleport in the corner, not sure what advantages it has over superman though :(
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Nice matches, PI was dropping a lot of combos though. But he looks better than most Raiden's. I'll be posting some matches soon. Frost seems a lot better than people give her credit for.


I know this is supposed to be a match footage thread, what do you guys think of Raiden's moves outside of the main variations? they seem kinda lackluster.


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Good shit. Love how he’s using the teleport 2, sometimes 3, times in a row. I think this was before people found out 3rd hit of storm cell is a high and b12 is punishable if you duck the second hit - but there’s some great stuff in here